Making your teeth
healthy and whiter

Treatment of teeth and gums with modern methods at affordable prices. Restoration of linens with the latest methods without harming your teeth

for the whole family

The clinic has a relaxed atmosphere. We surround every patient with care and attention, find an approach and make the experience of visiting the dentist a positive one

Pediatric dentistry
in a cozy atmosphere

Caring staff will find the right approach to the child,
help to overcome fear, and make friends with the little patient

Affordable services
for everyone

We make a treatment plan that is best for you. We work with banks on "instant installment" program. We cooperate with insurance companies

Health school
for children and adults

We give hygiene lessons - we teach the rules of care, healthy lifestyles, help you learn the right skills. We give practical lessons in schools

Аbout the clinic

Interstom is a dental clinic where we have been taking care of the health and attractiveness of your teeth for 26 years.

We help all categories of people – adults and children, pensioners, and pregnant women. We show care and attention to each patient and make dental treatment really comfortable!

We offer procedures under sedation to especially sensitive clients and young children.

Interstom is an affordable dentistry with transparent pricing. We always pre-calculate and select treatment options according to your financial possibilities. After all, dental treatment and care is a necessity!

Why choose us?

Affordability –

optimal prices, non-cash payment, installments, promotions


of our specialists at the highest level


on all types of services

Quiet and comfortable

atmosphere – just like at home

A comprehensive approach

to any dental problem

Accurate diagnostics

on state-of-the-art equipment

Treatment under sedation

for children and adults

Work with insurance

companies and corporate services

Interstom is a clinic where teeth are treated quickly, efficiently, and painlessly!

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    Our services

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    Treatment of root canals under the microscope
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    Pediatric dentistry
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    Sedation or medicated sleep
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    Outpatient oral surgery
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    Tooth extraction of any complexity
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    Ceramic veneers
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    Professional whitening and oral hygiene
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    Caries treatment
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    Art restoration
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    Our team

    Anna Shapovalova: Surgeon, Implant surgeon, prosthodontist, periodontist

    Anna Shapovalova

    Surgeon, Implant surgeon, prosthodontist, periodontist

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    Dmitry Andronyuk: Implant surgeon, orthopedist

    Dmitry Andronyuk

    Implant surgeon, orthopedist

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    Elena Ivasko: Endodontic dentist (microscope)

    Elena Ivasko

    Endodontic dentist (microscope)

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     Vasilina Pavlik: Orthodontic dentist

    Vasilina Pavlik

    Orthodontic dentist

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    Victoria Tsyganenko: Dentist-therapist, pediatric dentist

    Victoria Tsyganenko

    Dentist-therapist, pediatric dentist

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    Igor Bazeev: Dentist-generalist, surgeon, orthopedist

    Igor Bazeev

    Dentist-generalist, surgeon, orthopedist

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    Andriy Stanislavsky: Dentist-generalist, surgeon

    Andriy Stanislavsky

    Dentist-generalist, surgeon

    Natalia Burovina: Receptionist

    Natalia Burovina


    Entrust your dental health to an experienced dentist!

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      Our patients recommend us


      I really liked the clinic. I have had fillings and cleanings done here several times. All the doctors are polite, professional and very attentive. The receptionist is friendly. The prices are high, but they correspond to the level of service.

      Andrew Fokin

      Great dental clinic. Great service, nice staff. I have been visiting this clinic for 3 years and there are no remarks. Especially I want to mention my doctor Poliatichko S. В. (professional). Thank you. I definitely recommend!

      Valentina Varenik

      I have been coming to Interstom for 2 years now, doctor Viktorija V. Tsyganenko. I really like the result of treatment, all fillings are of good quality for their price. Every time it is possible to make an appointment at a convenient time, always clean, very polite staff reminding about the need for preventive care (I forget about 1-2 times a year), I recommend it. Success and prosperity)))

      Tamara Rodionova

      Thanks to doctors Pavlik Vasilina and Polyatichko Sergey! They are professional in their work and sincere in communication, they take care of our family and our health and nerves ? And teeth of course! The quality is extremely high, I’m very glad that I have the opportunity to be treated by such great professionals ))


      Nedopas Nataliia

      I definitely recommend Interstom for treatment!

      I’m a client of this clinic (Doctor – Dmitry) and I can say with certainty that everything is sterile, painless and high quality. I want to say a special THANK YOU to all the staff for an amazing friendly atmosphere and high-quality service. And by the way, the cost of services is absolutely adequate!

      The cost of our services

      Consultation with a treatment plan
      600 UAH
      Individual sanitary bag
      200 UAH
      Target radiography
      200 UAH
      from 250 UAH
      Hygiene and whitening
      Comprehensive professional hygiene
      1 800 UAH
      Desensitizer treatment (to reduce tooth sensitivity)
      from 100 UAH
      Teeth whitening with a professional tooth whitening system
      from 3 000 UAH
      Caries treatment
      from 1 300 UAH
      Canal treatment (one canal)
      from 2 000 UAH
      Treatment of root canals under a microscope (one canal)
      from 3 500 UAH
      Art restoration
      from 2 350 UAH
      Pediatric Dentistry
      Treatment of deciduous teeth
      from 900 UAH
      Treatment of canals of milk teeth (1 canal)
      from 1 000 UAH
      Removal of deciduous teeth
      from 300 UAH
      Medically assisted sleep or sedation (1 hour)
      4 500 UAH
      Tooth extraction
      from 900 UAH
      Wisdom tooth extraction
      2 500 UAH
      Atypical wisdom tooth extraction (with hemostatic sponge and suturing of the extraction site)
      from 4 000 UAH
      Suturing of the well (Polyamide)
      350 UAH
      Suturing of a hole with self-absorbable sutures (catgut)
      400 UAH
      Alvanes Hemostatic Sponge
      400 UAH
      Cystectomy with resection of the root apex
      3 500 UAH
      Frenectomy (frenulectomy)
      1 500 UAH
      Treatment of pericoronitis (excision of the hood)
      800 UAH
      Bone grafting (depending on complexity, without material)
      from 5 000 UAH
      PRF membrane
      1 000 UAH
      PRF clot
      800 UAH
      Closed sinus lift
      9 500 UAH
      Open sinus lift
      Removal of wound (small salivary gland cysts)
      3 500 UAH
      Tongue and lip frenulum trimming
      from 1 000 UAH
      Sterile coating
      800 UAH
      Metal-ceramic crown
      from 4 000 UAH
      Zirconia crown
      7 000 UAH
      Temporary plastic crown
      1 200 UAH
      Metal-plastic crown
      3 000 UAH
      Butterfly microprosthesis (1-3 teeth)
      from 5 000 UAH
      Partial removable denture
      from 6 500 UAH
      Full removable denture
      from 7 000 UAH
      Busted denture
      from 14 000 UAH
      Veneers (single veneer)
      7 000 UAH
      Implant placement
      from 13 000 UAH
      Metal-ceramic crown on implant
      from 9 250 UAH
      Zirconia crown on implant
      from 11 550 UAH
      Orthodontic dentistry
      Consultation with a treatment plan
      300 UAH
      Benchmarking review
      350 UAH
      Impressions (one jaw)
      700 UAH
      Orthodontic appliance or plate (one jaw)
      from 8 000 UAH
      Metal bracket system (one jaw)
      16 000 UAH
      Ceramic bracket system (one jaw)
      20 000 UAH
      Self-ligating metal bracket system (one jaw)
      from 19 000 UAH
      Self-ligating ceramic bracket system (one jaw)
      from 23 000 UAH
      Retention appliance (one jaw)
      from 1 900 UAH
      Micro-implant placement
      4 500 UAH
      Transparent mouthpiece system
      from 75 000 UAH
      Intermaxillary elastics
      200 UAH
      Closed curettage
      from 500 UAH
      Open curettage
      from 3 000 UAH
      Application and instillation of parodontal pockets
      from 500 UAH
      Treatment of parodontal abscess
      700 UAH
      Teeth splinting with fiberglass tape
      from 850 UAH
      Plasmolifting with platelet mass
      5 000 UAH

      Making an appointment to see a doctor

      Come in for a consultation if you are concerned:

      • toothache, tooth decay, bad breath;
      • bleeding gums;
      • darkening of the enamel;
      • damage to the tooth or its absence;
      • uneven dentition.

      We solve any problem in a comprehensive manner, regardless of its complexity. We help you restore the health and attractiveness of your teeth and maintain the result.

      Fill in the online form and we will get back to you shortly!

      Make an appointment

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